Fireplace Repair in North Charleston, SC

Fireplace Repair, Installation, Troubleshooting, and Inspection in North Charleston, SC

Our services include gas fireplace repair, installation, troubleshooting, inspection and certification, gas log replacement (change outs), fan and blower repairs, remote switch replacement, thermal pile & coupling replacement. 

We even repair outdoor gas fire pits for residential, commercial and resort customers. We sell, install, repair and upgrade all major gas fireplace brands, including Empire, White Mountain, Real Fyre Fireplaces.

Signs You Need to Repair Your Gas Log Fireplace

Here are a few things to look out for that could indicate a gas log fireplace needs repairs:

  • Loud vibrations or pounding noises come from the system while it’s running
  • The gas fireplace won’t light or only stays lit for a short time
  • A large increase in your monthly natural gas bill
  • Strange odors are coming from the fireplace

If your gas fireplace is experiencing any off these issues, please call us immediately as it could be a very serious problem.


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