Residential Maintenance Program

During the summer months in beautiful Charleston SC it is so important to have a reliable AC system to keep you comfortable. Even if you have picked out a top of the line model, it’s important to maintain your AC system. A little TLC can keep it working at peak efficiency for years to come.  That is why having annual AC maintenance is so important to your system’s well-being and your comfort.

Neglecting ac maintenance is proven to cause a decline in the performance of your ac unit, along with an increase in energy use, an increase in your air conditioning bill, and possibly additional HVAC repair costs down the road. On the other hand, regular maintenance of A/C units improves air quality in your home , improves performance of your ac system, and extends the life of your unit.

Another key reason to keep up with your AC maintenance is that some manufacturers require it.  If you purchased a new system with a parts warranty, many manufacturers are requiring annual maintenance to keep it valid.  This shows they know how important AC maintenance is to a system.  If you bought a new car and never changed the oil, do you think the car company would claim responsibility if problems occur?  The same goes for your HVAC system; it runs almost 365 days a year, so it’s going to need some attention.

At Air Pros we offer a full service maintenance designed to keep your system up and running.  It is a small expense to keep up with annual maintenance appointments. With the money, you could save through decreased energy bills, fewer emergency repairs, and a generally longer life for your air conditioning system, it’s worth it! Call the office today to schedule a one time seasonal inspection performed or join our Preventive Maintenance program. Your wallet will thank you!




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Benefits of Our Residential Maintenance Program:

Regular Tune-Up Preventative Maintenance

Member Plan

  • Priority Customer Status
  • 10% discount on repair parts & labor
  • 1yr. No Hassle Warranty
  • Two tune-ups per year
  • No After-Hours Fee
  • Full system report emailed

One Time Tune Up

  • One time seasonal maintenance
  • Full system report emailed

Warm Season: Check filters, compressor performance, Charge, All safety controls; test crankcase heater, operating pressure, inspect condenser coil, evaporator coil, evaporator drain pan, condensate drain, blower and clean if necessary; record superheat, lubricate all necessary parts; clean and calibrate thermostat.

Cool Season: check filters, gas valve, operation of safety controls, sequencer, heating elements in operation, CO level, heat exchanger; clean blower, interior of manifold compartment, pilot, burners; test for gas leaks; clean and calibrate thermostat; check and clean humidifier; check heat pump re-versing valve and defrost cycle.

Looking for Commercial HVAC Maintenance?

Regular Tune-Up Preventative Maintenance